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Take advantage of an organ that can nourish you while you nourish your newborn baby. Our experienced and trained Placenta Encapsulation Specialists will carefully and cautiously process your placenta, in a clean and safe environment, creating convenient capsules and tinctures along with precious prints and umbilical cord keepsakes. 

Did you know?

Allopregnanolone (found in placenta) is the active ingredient in the only FDA approved medication for treating postpartum depression?


How long will my capsules last?

  • Capsules should be stored in a cool, dry place and can retain their nutrients and benefits for up to 1 year. We package all capsules and tinctures in glass amber bottles to maintain their quality. 

How many capsules will I receive?

  • The number of capsules varies person to person, depending on how large the placenta is. I've seen them range anywhere from 80-210 capsules.

Are all placentas safe to consume?

  • Mostly, yes, but if mom and/or baby have developed a fever during labor or immediately post-birth, it's not recommended to move forward with consuming your placenta. Also, if your placenta undergoes pathology examination, it's not recommended to consume your placenta. 

​Are there any side-effects?

  •  The most common side-effect I've seen is nausea, if taken on an empty stomach. On very rare occasions, some women report that they feel jittery or have an increase in anxiety, much like feeling over caffeinated. It's recommended to take your capsules/tincture drops with a meal to prevent these potential side-effects from occurring. It's also recommended to start slow and listen to your body.

What is a tincture?

  • Our tinctures are a mixture of a very small piece of your raw placenta and an alcohol-based solution. You can take this tincture mixture and drop it on your tongue or into your water to receive the benefits.

How will I know that my placenta is processed safely?

  • Our Placenta Encapsulation Specialists are trained on how to cautiously handle your placenta in a very clean, sanitary environment to prevent any contamination.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Capsules (TCM):

TCM capsules involve the steaming and dehydration of the placenta, followed by encapsulation. TCM practitioners believe that this method enhances the placenta's therapeutic properties. The potential benefits of TCM capsules include:


  • Vital Energy Restoration: TCM capsules are believed to replenish vital energy, potentially aiding in postpartum recovery and revitalization.


  • Blood Nourishment: TCM views the placenta as a blood tonic. Consuming TCM capsules may help nourish blood, promoting overall postpartum wellness. This idea could be related to capsules 24% RDA of Iron they provide.


Tinctures are prepared by steeping small pieces of dried placenta in alcohol. They are typically consumed orally. It is believed that tinctures can offer the following benefits:


  • Hormonal Regulation: The placenta contains hormones, such as progesterone and estrogen, which may help with postpartum hormonal imbalances. Some anecdotal reports suggest that tinctures can support hormone regulation during the postpartum period.


  • Energy Boost: Tinctures may provide an energy boost due to the potential presence of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. 

Other Reported Benefits:

  • Increased milk supply

  • Lessened bleeding during menstrual cycles

  • Decreased PMS symptoms during menstrual cycles

  • Improved menopause symptoms

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