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HypnoBirthing® is a tried and proven technique that guides and prepares a woman in giving birth peacefully. The HypnoBirthing® program is built around an educational process that includes special breathing, relaxation, visualization, and so much more! Check out the curriculum list below on what you can expect to learn in the 5-week series. These are techniques that can be used during labor and birth at any birthing location: home, hospital, or at a birth center.


  • Reduces risk of pelvic floor damage

  • Fewer cases of pre-eclampsia/dehydration

  • Fewer interventions and surgical births

  • Decreased use of oxytocics or AROM

  • Shortens the first and second stages of labor by several hours & allows the birthing mother to utilize the natural pulsations of her body to breathe her baby down to the crowning stage, rather than pushing for long, exhausting periods of time

  • Fewer pre-term and low-weight babies

  • Lessened or eliminated need for epidural, episiotomy, & other interventions

  • Happier & content mothers & babies

  • Babies born alert; able to nurse almost immediately

  • No cases of postpartum depression reported

  • Infants with higher than average APGAR scores

  • Eliminates the Fear-Tension-Pain syndrome before, during, & after birth

  • Lessens fatigue during labor, leaving the mother, fresh, awake, & energized as she births her baby

You had YOUR best birthing experience, the birth your heart, body, and soul long for. Imagine if you felt empowered, confident, and excited as you approached your birthing day. Imagine if you conquered and overcame each and every single one of your fears, worries, and doubts. Imagine if you felt comfortable and relaxed during your birthing experience.


Let’s turn these imaginations into reality. Let’s work together to achieve YOUR best and ideal birth.


Imagine If...

WEEK 1: 

Setting the Stage

  • Building a positive expectancy

  • Philosophy & beginnings of HypnoBirthing

  • History of birthing

  • How the uterus works in birthing

  • What's wrong with labor

  • How fear affects labor

  • What causes pain in labor

  • How to release fear

  • The power of the mind

  • & More


WEEK 2: 

Falling in Love with Your Baby

  • Pre-birth parenting, preparing your mind & body 

  • Pre-birth, perinatal, & postpartum bonding

  • Background of fetology studies

  • Selecting care providers

  • Preparing the mind for birth

  • Hypnosis deepening & visualization 

  • Releasing fear

  • & More


WEEK 3: 

Advanced Visualization & Deepening

  • Labor & birthing visualizations & deepening

  • Turning breech-presented babies

  • Looking at the "estimated due date"

  • Avoiding artificial induction

  • Preparing birth preference sheets

  • How the body prepares for birth

  • Initiating labor naturally

  • & More


WEEK 4: 

Overview & Summary of Childbirth

  • Pre-labor warm up surges

  • The onset of Labor

  • Birth companion's support role

  • Thinning & opening phase

  • Labor slows or rests

  • Misconceptions about labor 

  • Birth companion advocates for mother & baby

  • Hallmarks as labor advances

  • & More


WEEK 5: 

Birthing, Bonding, Breastfeeding, & Postpartum

Abstract painting of pressed flowers
  • Nearing completion

  • Optimal positioning for baby in labor & birth

  • Positions during labor, descent, & birthing

  • Birthing phase, descent, birth breathing

  • Birth's perfect design

  • How to maximize your breath during labor

  • Comfort measure

  • & More



Don't see a class for your desired time? Join our waitlist and we'll reach out to provide dates for upcoming classes!

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